100 Beverly Way PO Box 205 Belford NJ 07718
Administration Building:
PO Box 205
100 Beverly Way 
Belford, NJ 07718
Phone Numbers:
Main Office (732) 495-1010
Main Fax (732) 495-4565
To report problems, questions regarding yours account or billing, accounts payable.
Summer Hours
8am-4:30m Monday-Thursday
-8am-2:30pm Friday
Maintenance (732) 495-1104
 Maintenance Fax (732) 495-3202
Purchasing, shipping & Receiving 
6am-2:30pm Monday-Friday
Middletown Police Headquarters
(732) 615-2100
*After TOMSA regular Business hours
The Authority provides 24Hr emergency service
Please contact us immediately if you should have a sewer problem such as a blockage/backup at your residence or if you spot over flow from a manhole and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Emergency service can be reached through the Middletown Police Department after TOMSA's regular Business hours, weekends and holidays.

Authority Staff

Jonathan Mannarino
George Nole 
Maintenance Manager 
Deirdre Colvin
Customer Service Supervisor
Payments and Billing Inquiries:
Township Of Middletown Sewerage Authority
PO Box 281
Middletown, NJ 07748
TOMSA/Customer Responsobilities:
Responaibility for the sewer line, or lateral, that brings waste from your residence to TOMSA's sanitary sewer system is divided at the curbside "clean out".
Maintenance and repair (including Blockages) of the lateral extending from the clean out, back to the residence, is the customers responsibility.
The portion of the lateral extending from and including the clean out, to the sewer "main" in the road, is TOMSA's responsibility.
Customers are encouraged to call TOMSA first if there is a problem to determine responsibility.
Paul Thomson
Staff Engineer
pthomson @tomsanj.com
John  Friedmann
Executive Director
Suzanne Corcoran
Customer Service Representative