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   The Township of Middletown Sewerage Authority, also known as TOMSA, held its original organization meeting on Thursday, March 31, 1966.  TOMSA was formed by the Township of Middletown for the purpose of meeting the wastewater collection and treatment needs of the rapidly developing Township of Middletown.  As wastewater related problems in the Township increased, and the number of small wastewater treatment plants serving individual housing subdivisions grew, the need for centralized wastewater collection and treatment became evident.  The formation of TOMSA formalized the task of developing this centralized wastewater collection and treatment system.  Upon its formation, TOMSA also took over operation and maintenance responsibilities for a number of the small treatment plants serving subdivisions.

    During 1968, work began on the construction of a centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is located in the Belford section of the Township of Middletown .  The treatment plant was designed to treat 6.5 Million Gallons Per Day (MGD) of Wastewater and to discharge the treated and clarified wastewater into Comptons Creek, a tributary of Raritan Bay.  Treated wastewater sludge was barged to the ocean for disposal.  The Wastewater Collection Systems needed to convey wastewater from the individual houses to the new treatment plant were installed at the same time.

   During 1970, the discharge of wastewater to the Raritan Bay ceased due to the formation of the Monmouth County Bayshore Outfall Authority, also known as MCBOA.  MCBOA collects the wastewater from the TOMSA wastewater treatment plant and also from the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority, and pumps that wastewater into the Atlantic Ocean through a 4000 foot long outfall pipe and diffuser.  

   During the early 1980's, the Township had developed to the point where an expansion of the wastewater treatment plant was necessary.  In 1985, an expansion plan was implemented for this Wastewater Treatment Plant, which increased the capacity of the treatment plant from 6.5 MGD  to 10.8 MGD.

   During 1986, TOMSA began treating the collected wastewater of Atlantic Highlands and Highlands.  The wastewater of these two communities is pumped into TOMSA's collection system in the Leonardo section  of  the Township.  The collection system of these two communities are maintained by the individual communities.



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